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The Perfect Touch. Staging your home.

The Perfect Touch. Staging your home.

Emily Morgan | May 15, 2018


“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” The famous interior designer Nate Berkus gives us a little insight into making a house a home.

I believe Nate made the perfect statement when it comes to a home. When people walk into a home, they begin to understand the people living inside it. There are pictures of family moments on the walls, toys scattered around the living room and finger painted crafts on the refrigerator.


Yes, this could be your home? But when it comes to buying a home for the first time, what is really going to sell you on it?


First of all, there is a difference between staging and decorating a home. Staging is a way to not just sell your home, but to sell a lifestyle. Unfortunately that lifestyle isn’t necessarily going to be your own. That’s the difference. Staging is speaking to the style of your future buyers where decorating is for you and your family.


You may be thinking, what does it matter?


Well, the bigger question is do you want to sell your home in one month or six months?


If you’re looking at six months, then by all means, take your time. Leave up some old photos. Put your unique style on the rooms you’ve been meaning to decorate for a year. Just remember those six months may take even longer.


Now, here is the importance of staging. To be blunt, most people won’t like what you did to your home. If people are looking at buying your home, they don’t want to see your kid covered in cake that looks like they ate a Smurf. As cute as they might be, people want to imagine their own family living in your home. They need to be enticed to want to live there and hang pictures of their own kid on the wall.


Everyone’s taste is completely and utterly different, so making it appeal to the type of people you’re trying to sell it to will be the deciding factor on how many bids you will get and how fast it is sold.


On average a staged home sells about 88% faster than a non-staged home. That being said, there are a few tips to help show that your home is that one to buy.

Clean, clean, CLEAN

Usually cleaning should be a given when it comes to selling your home. But for most people, the balance between life cleaning and stage cleaning is a little different, unless you’re OCD.  Either way, the cleaner the better, which means that old storage closet in the basement, needs to finally get taken out to Goodwill.


Everything from the master bedroom to the dining room needs to be styled. I know that sounds crazy, but think about it from a buyer’s perspective. If you were walking through a home and you saw everything cleaned and well put together, you would start to see the possibilities. That’s what we want! We want the buyers to look at the home and picture their lifestyle there. They want to fell that the home was made for them.


I know you’re probably thinking colors don’t matter. They do! Color impacts people’s emotions. So when you’re trying to sell a home, you want to enhance the possibilities with that home. With color, it’s best to use neutral colors, and I know that might not be your personality, but it you can always accent with more color. By using neutral colors, you’re allowing the viewer to engage in the opportunity for the space, rather than be overwhelmed with the first thing they want to change if they buy is the bright yellow living room wall.

Inside and Out

Most people think that the inside of the house is the most important. Truth is, all of it is important to the selling of the home. Don’t forget the outside! Many people dislike tackling the yard work, especially if you live in a state like Michigan, where the humidity is suffocating to work in. Aside from that, once everything is done there is time for relaxing. So, the gain far outweighs the gain.


Always keep this in mind! When you’re trying to sell a home in November or December, why would you stage it as a beach home? Well, unless you’re in Florida and it’s always warm there. Then it depends. By keeping the seasons in mind, you have the creative opportunity to use the emotions of the buyers to pull them into the home and want it more. If they can imagine their lives there, then they have a better chance of putting bid in on the home.

Create a Lifestyle people are looking for

Perfectly said. The main goal is to have someone buy your home. So by staging a home rather than decorating it to your personality, you are creating a lifestyle that people are looking for. When you see a home, with a large kitchen you think that’s where you and your family will make homemade cookies together around the holidays. Or the living room with a quaint fireplace, where you’ll roast marshmallows when it’s raining outside. Each color palate, accent and piece of furniture is for a reason. You as a seller loved this home, and now you need to give others the chance to love it too.

Staging is the perfect tool to help you sell your home. Give your home a chance to fill someone’s life with joy as they imagine the activities they can do in the spaces. Then once it’s sold, the decorating will come along with it, turning the house into a home.  And we all know, home is where the heart it.

Looking for more tips for staging, check some out here:


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