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Dominate your Market… Turning Auctions Into Results!

Dominate your Market… Turning Auctions Into Results!

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Let’s connect and get motivated!

Join ListTrue as we learn from Stephen Litman of Tony Robbins motivational team. Dominate Your Market & Turn Your Actions Into Results! We are looking forward to learning & networking with you. Click the link below to learn more about Stephen Litman.

It’s 6am when your alarm sounds on your nightstand. Without hesitation you pull the covers over your head, praying that you can just have five more minutes before getting up and starting the workday. As you slug out of bed, scuffing your way to the kitchen to make your morning coffee, you think about everything about your upcoming day that could go wrong.

What if I told you that life wasn’t that monotonous?

What if I told you that there’s a way to wake up in the morning and realize everything that could go right?

To believe in the positive around you, you are giving yourself a chance to succeed. What I mean by this is, whether it is personal or work, with a little shift in your outlook on opportunities, you have the ability to change your mind and the mind of others to something fantastic!

Sometimes we feel that we’re in a dark place, we think that we’ve been buried and abandoned, but actually we were planted to see how far we grow. Life is about creating yourself with the experiences and opportunities you face.

With that being said, I’ve had the chance to learn a little more about Stephen Litman from Robbins Research International. Stephen is a Peak Performance Strategist who, actually does a number of things. Within the seminars, people get the opportunity to learn from the best about how to reach our greatest potential. Working along side Tony Robbin’s, he shares his experience working with Fortune 500 companies to reach their ultimate potential in leadership, organizational behavior and the psychology of achievement.

Why not give your company the opportunity to succeed? Even better, why not give yourself the opportunity to succeed? Running a business, let alone your life, can be difficult without the proper tools to reach your ultimate potential.

Join the ListTrue team on May 30th as we experience Stephen Litman as he talks about personal development, mental conditioning and personal achievement systems to communication and business strategy. We will learn how to improve company culture, maximize our mindset for success and discover the fastest method for doubling sales.

Who: ListTrue & Stephen Litman

When: May 30th, 6pm

Where: Buffalo Wild Wings, 8 Ionia Avenue NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503

For more information about Stephen and what he does check out this link:

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