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Are You Ready to Heat Up the Summer DIY Style?

Are You Ready to Heat Up the Summer DIY Style?

Emily Morgan | May 11, 2018


Finally! The days of cold are done, well, at least until this fall. But none of that talk, from now on we’re not allowed to say the “C” word. No saying it or even thinking it!


That being said, with a show of hands, who has the craving for summer time S’mores? Okay, I’m just pretending you all have your hands up. S’mores are an essential part of the ongoing summer fiesta of camping, and backyard BBQs. But say you’re a first-time homebuyer and you’re just lucky enough to put furniture in your house and set up your mortgage plan.


I mean are you kidding? You haven’t even bought a microwave yet?


Well, I’m here to say there is a simple and easy way to bring the S’mores loving’ flame to your backyard.


Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

Terracotta Bowl

Fire Glass or Pea Gravel

Food safe Sterno burning gel

The most important rule of thumb for creating this beautiful burning masterpiece is…drum roll please…putting your own style into it! I know, I know, this DIY tutorial seems to be more like a motivational speech, but it’s true!


Step 1: So you have your Terracotta bowl, make sure you have the right color to suit your style. That may sound like a silly request, but there’s nothing like having grey matching outdoor furniture, then you’re accent piece that everyone will gather around, look completely out of place.

Step 2: Time to add the Fire Glass or Pea Gravel. There are many different options you can use, but here is an example to go buy. I personally love purple!

Step 3: Finally, when you’re done adding the glass or gravel, you may add the burning gel. I know that sounds like a terrible way to go in life, but beauty is pain! For all of you still snickering, here is my serious moment. Please be careful when using this masterpiece you’ve just created, beauty doesn’t have to be painful when you keep fingers and toes away from open flames.

This is one of my favorite projects, because you can do whatever you want with it. You can make them big or small. You can make one or ten to go around the deck. No matter what the occasion, they are a perfect accent piece for your summer backyard shenanigans that everyone will enjoy.

For additional tips and tricks for building your perfect tabletop fire, see the following:


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