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Cabana Oh Na Na! DIY Outdoor Cabana

Cabana Oh Na Na! DIY Outdoor Cabana

Emily Morgan | May 24, 2018


Summer is here! Therefore it’s time to pull out that sunscreen! If you’re like me and burn like a pig in the desert, then this might be something to look into.


We all know how great it is to lay in the sun, but when it comes to it, when you’ve had enough you’re stuck going inside. Why? Because you don’t have enough shade!


I’m here to tell you how easy it is to not only creating something fairly inexpensive while sprucing up your yard at the same time. AND you don’t have to be a master builder to do it!

When it comes to building a DIY Cabana, there are a few things you need to take into account beforehand.

  • Where am I going to put it in my yard?
  • What materials do I need?
  • How much of each material do I need?
  • How big am I going to make it?
  • What do I need to protect it from the elements?
  • Will I need help?


These are just a few of the questions you will need to ask yourself before jumping into a project. I wish I could say it was as easy as one, two, and three; but realistically the more time you have the better the turnout.


Now, how far do you want to take this project? Do you want to keep it simple or go big? The difference is using either PVC piping or you have to dust off your working gloves and cut some wood.


Either way, the main concept is building a frame. Normal people tend to create a simple square or rectangle frame, while over achievers tend to get crazy with octagons and chandeliers! Which isn’t necessarily bad, but when you’re looking for comfort on a budget, there are easier ways.

So, let’s stick with the PVC pipe for now. Here’s an example for what you might need:

  • Eight 10-foot 1 ½-inch schedule-40 PVC pipes
  • 10 feet of 2-inch-diameter ABS pipe
  • Four 1 ½-inch schedule-40 L-shaped pipe fittings
  • Four 1 ½-inch T-shaped pipe fittings
  • Twenty ¾-inch self-tapping metal screws


Yes, there are a lot of terms in there that I don’t know either. By taking a trip to you Home Depot or Lowe’s you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the help you need. While we’re on the topic, you might need these as well:

  • Post-hole digger
  • Shovel
  • Hacksaw
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil (for marking measurements)
  • 2-foot level
  • Iron (for heating/pressing sewing tape)
  • Scissors
  • Electric drill with bits
  • Heavy-duty wire cutters
  • 2 ladders (one for each builder)

Don’t forget, some of these things will vary depending on where you would like to create your cabana. Please use caution when you build!


Building the Frame

Size your lounge to fit your space. Cut the pipes to the given size of the width and length (for the frame’s top). Assemble the top shape of the frame, inserting a T-shaped fitting for at each corner. Then, cut four 1 ½-inch lengths from leftover pipes to serve as connectors between the L and T joints. Slip one of the 1 ½-inch pipe lengths into an end of each L fitting, and fit it into the open end of each T. Aim it down toward the ground.



Depending on where you are placing your cabana, you need to decide how you will place your foundation. You never know when a huge gust of wind will come along and destroy everything you just built! So whether it’s digging a foundation hole or tying it down, make sure it’s stable enough that it won’t blow over.


Don’t Forget Legs

Cut the remaining pipes into 8ft legs. Slip short lengths of leftover PVC pipe into each L fitting, lift the frame, and slide the right front leg into the pipe sleeve already in the ground (see photo). Carefully mark where the other three holes should go.



Here comes the good part! If you want to paint the PVC pipes you can paint them any color you want! If you want shade all around you, you can cover the top and tie on the sides. You can do whatever you want because the hard part is done!

I personally love using Pinterest for more tips and tricks for DIY outdoor activities! So always keep your eyes out for new crafts and easy ways to make your new home look great!


For additional ideas and materials, check this link out!


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