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The Difference

ListTrue is all about the client, putting their needs above ours. We believe in bringing value, options, and more ways to save than any other company. Our goal is to let you know all the ways in which we can work for you, letting you decide. It’s that simple!

A Better Way to Sell Your Home.

We’re here for you no matter how much or how little attention you need. Just need exposure on the MLS and you can handle the rest. No problem! Need us to do a little more work and handle the process? Sure! We’ve done over 600 transactions! Need us to handle every single thing imaginable? Now we’re talking! Whatever you need it’s 100% up to you.

A Better Way to Buy Your Home.

With ListTrue, it’s a team approach on targeting the area and finding the home of your dreams. We find our clients homes, they wouldn’t find on their own. Our BUYERS REBATE PROGRAM gives you up to 1% Cash Back at Closing. With our partners, we bring more savings, more value and more options. We cover everything!our whole team.

Save on Selling. Earn on Buying.

ListTrue give you tons of advantages when buying or selling your home in Michigan. Earn up to 1% Cash Back at closing. Save money on repairs and upgrades. Even save on loan products from our partners. We’re all about adding value for our clients. Call us today to find out how we can help you buy or sell your next home. Heck, just call if you’re in need of a great hardwood floor person! We love to help!

Just a few places we’ve been in:)

Professionals + Tech + Options = ListTrue


If your home needs an aerial view, we can do that! Whether it’s photos, videos or drones; if it helps sell your home, we will do it all! We customize individual marketing plans, specific to your property and needs.

3D Walkthroughs, VR Tours, Facebook Live Open Houses

Want to come into our office, sit back, relax with a cup of coffee, and tour homes live on the spot and ask real time questions? We can do that!

Do you want buyer’s to be able to view your home like this? We can set this up for you too!

Professional Photography, Staging, Home Upgrades and Rendering to sell for top dollar.

What if we could come into your home with our design team, create the end results and market it so you could gain an extra 10,000 or 20,000 dollars? Even better, without costing a penny? How would you feel about that?

In the Community

We’re in multiple cities and try our best to do as many community events as possible. Check out our website and facebook page for updates. We’d love for you to join us! From baking 250 Apple Pies for homeless shelters and making quilts for the homeless to decorating a retirement community for Christmas. Just like this event on the left, planting trees in a neighborhood park, we’re all about giving back!

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